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Bay Area Synthetic Grass Installation Warranty

The artificial grass and synthetic lawns material that Bay Area Synthetic Grass uses are designed to have a 20 to 25 year service life.

All of Bay Area Synthetic Grass artificial turf, fake grass and synthetic lawn installations are backed by 10-year manufacturer warranty from several companies on artificial grass materials and a 5 year guarantee on Bay Area Synthetic Grass synthetic grass installations.

Your Bay Area Synthetic Grass warranty becomes effective after the installation is done and when the Job Completion Form is completed and sent to us at Bay Area Synthetic Grass. Upon receipt of the job completion form we will send you the purchase order number upon which the artificial grass is associated. If you ever need to make a claim coordinate with us and we will work as an intermediary between you and our manufacturer.

Bay Area Synthetic Grass will not be held responsible for damages that may occur that are caused by acts of God and/or:

• Flooding, wind, snow, ice, and fire

• Animal activity

• Sprinkler water discoloration

• Settling of land

• Tunneling of rodents underneath surface

• Rupture of water lines underneath surface (if applicable)

• Negligence or abuse to the synthetic surface

• Work performed by others prior to and/or post of the synthetic turf amenity’s installation

Tiger Express Synthetic Grass Warranties

Tiger synthetic grass has a 10 year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects and fading for grass products.

Tiger Express 10 Year Warranty

Challenger Industries Synthetic Grass Warranties

X-Grass® Synthetic Turf warrants that for eight (8) years from the date of synthetic turf installation, the turf, when installed and maintained as recommended by the manufacturer, will retain at least 50% of its pile fiber. If any area or portion of the turf substantially changes, as distinguished from a change in texture, or if pile heights decrease 50% or more within eight years after its initial installation, X-Grass® Synthetic Turf will have all such areas or portions replaced with new turf of equivalent quality, excluding installation costs. X-Grass® Synthetic Turf also warrants that at the time of the initial turf installation, the synthetic turf will be free of manufacturing defects. Slight color changes will occur over the lifetime of this carpet and is not considered an issue.

X_Grass 8 YR Limited Warranty

X-Grass Tour Fringe 65 and 70 8 Year Limited Warranty

Polypropylene/Olefin/Nylon Products 5 Year Limited Warranty

Putting Green I - 5 Yr. Limited Warranty

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