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Synthetic Grass Remnants?

A Word About Synthetic Grass "Remnants"

There is no such thing as a synthetic grass remnant. If we install a job for you and we order more than what we needed (you pay only for what is covered) that extra amount over and above we give to our client.

Retail Pricing

In general, The smaller the piece of synthetic grass required the higher the cost/sq-ft for that piece of synthetic grass. I get requests all the time for "remnants". I regularly inform people that there is no such thing as "synthetic grass remnants". We are a "just in time" organization. That means that Bay Area Synthetic Grass (BASG) doesn't like to carry inventory. We don't have a warehouse full of material I can draw from at any time to fill your request for a small amount of material. I order no more than 5% more of material that is required for any job.

This is the reason why I offer retail pricing for smaller amounts of synthetic grass material. There is a 100 sq-ft minimum to get the best pricing. Smaller pieces will be at a higher cost/sq-ft.

In short, there aren't any synthetic grass remnants available. Think of synthetic grass like carpet you would order for your home; when the installers leave, they don't leave any "remnants" behind for you to use. Carpet installers order no less than that is required to cover the space in question.

Synthetic grass I procured by Bay Area Synthetic Grass comes in 15' wide rolls. An order for anything less than a 15 sq-ft can result in a loss for me. Due to the fact I may not have a use for the remaining material left over from a smaller cut than 15' wide.

Call me directly to discuss remnants if you desire. I will explain the issues in "gory" detail if you so choose.

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