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Retail Synthetic Grass Sales

In the grass business the smaller the piece of artificial grass you buy the higher the cost per square foot.

These synthetic grass prices reflect the fact that the rolls of grass we receive are 12' or 15'. When Bay Area Synthetic Grass cuts a piece smaller than the 15' or 12' dimension we can incur a loss due to the fact that we may not be able to use the remaining piece. These prices reflect that reality.* Product information regarding material specifications, colors and pictures are available.

A Word About Purchasing Retail Synthetic Grass

You are not paying more for the higher priced synthetic grasses to look like real grass; all of the products I install look absolutely real, from the basic to KdK, they all have 10 year warranties and they are all designed to last 15 to 25 years. What you get with upgraded materials are more color and texture choices. Basic grass comes in one texture and color,monofilament materials comes in one texture and two colors and the KdK materials come in several colors and textures.

less than 40 oz. Face Weight

Challenger - Fescue or Tiger - Elite

between 40 and 60 oz. Face Weight.

Tiger - Emerald, Royal Light, Premier 1 and 2 or Challenger or SuperLawn and Rye

between 60 and 70 oz. Face Weight.

Tiger - Marque Pro, Marque Light, Majestic, Emerald Pro, Royal, Natures Blend and Pet Turf or Challenger - Super Lawn Elite

greater than 70 oz. Face Weight

Tiger - Majestic Pro or Challenger or Fescue Premier & Luxury Pro

* RETAIL GRASS SALES - All synthetic grass sales are final. No returns or refunds on any pieces) of synthetic grass ordered verbally via telephone or electronically via Internet. Any returned items are at management discretion and a 50% restocking fee. Once material is delivered and signed for, it is assumed that the correct square footage and artificial synthetic grass turf was deliver. It is also customer's responsibility to ensure material is free from cuts and damage that may have been occurred during shipping process. No returns or exchanges will be made after material has been accepted from shipper. All estimates given on shipping times are only estimates and not guaranteed arrival times. Bay Area Synthetic Grass is not responsible for shipping delays.

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